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This is a blog about discovering a way to make your dream of travel happen, while still keeping your commitments at home going strong.


Do you dream of traveling the world, but have a ton of commitments? It’s hard to see long term travel as an option when you have a mortgage, a car payment, a job and relationships to keep. I want you to know that is possible! I travelled solo for three months while still paying my bills back home, keeping close communication with my fiancé, family and friends, and having a job and a car to return home to.

Where is your dream destination? What do you want to experience? If you long for some adventure, freedom and inspiration – Get started with the 10 Steps to Your Dream Trip Free Guide I created.

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About Discovering Away

My name is Sherri, and I’m a travelista. I created Discovering Away when I took my three month dream trip through New Zealand and Australia. I wanted to share my story because most of the blogs and experiences I read about were from people who quit their jobs and sold everything to travel, but I wanted to keep my life at home in tact, while embarking on an adventure. This is my story and I hope that it inspires you to take the leap to make your dream trip happen too.

I’m a graphic/web designer with a passion for photography. Here’s some of my work!

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